2 comments on “Borders? We Don Need No Stinkin’ Borders!

  1. Great post, Walter – we have Jehovah’s Witnesses who regularly stop by with the Watchtower, and I think people are surprised that we get along with them. Their beliefs are not in sync with ours, but by being open and pleasant and tolerant, we have been able to have many really interesting conversations. I don’t try to change their minds – I just try to explain my beliefs in language they can relate to, in the hopes that it might bridge the gap just a bit. I’ve seen too much hatred and antagonism in the name of religion. Borders aren’t eliminated when one side is under attack, after all, and it mystifies me that so many people use hatred as their preferred instrument of persuasion.

  2. “The next time you find yourself confronted by someone whose political beliefs are different than yours, the next time someone knocks on your door with a copy of Watchtower, the next time you see an NRA bumper sticker, ask yourself if your first reaction is helping to breakdown a border, or if it is building one up.” That’s great advice–will do. Thanks for this post.

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