My Little Credo

I took a class at church called “Grow, Care, Act” The goal of the class was to find out what is important to you and what you are doing to achieve it.

Simple stuff, right?

As you can imagine, a lot of personal baggage was shared and shed. In the process of that “shareding” (it’s MY word, but you can use it) we came up with mission statements that were supposed to keep us focused. These creeds were to be based on the values that we held closest. After weeks and weeks of thought, I came up with three statements; Move Forward, Act with Honor and Share Joy. I like the initial simplicity of it, but there is more to it. Lemme explain…

Move Forward – Sometimes when the goal is so far off in the distance, you gawk at the road ahead, frozen with fear. Sometimes you spend time planning the exact route but you never leave your front step. In these times, it is best to just Move Forward. Some progress toward a goal is better than no progress.

Act With Honor – If you have convictions, stand by them. If you see injustice, fight against it. Help those in need. Do and say what is right.

Share Joy – When you are happy, let people know. If others are happy, be happy for and with them. There is always something to celebrate.

So I made a little poster to remind me, and of course, it has My Little Pony on it. Those of you who know the ponies, Rainbow Dash is all about action, “Honest” AppleJack personifies honor and NO ONE spreads joy like Pinkie Pie.

Now the hard part, living it out.

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3 thoughts on “My Little Credo

  1. nagoonberry says:

    Hi! I’m thinking about including your post in this week’s Interdependent Web ( Do you want to remain anonymous? Should I refer to you as “rogueretlaw”?

  2. Wendy ZC says:

    Awesomely simply stated post. So glad to see you getting the good recognition. File away the positive for later. Save it for those dark rainy days

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